DPA200SEP Digital Power Amplifier + switching power supply combo module

pplication of information
DPA200SEP input default non-balance mode, the input IN + and G 2-pin 2.54mm socket. DPA200SEP input also can be set for a balanced approach, but require customers to affirm when ordering.
Output interface

2 OUT to GND pin 3.96mm socket output load of 4-8 ohms.
AC power interface
220VAC 3-pin 3.96mm connector to connect the middle part without. Capacity 3A.

Protection and status indicators
When the load impedance too small or output short circuit, the red LED lights, DPA200SEP in the protection state, output shutdown, and you should turn off the power and check the troubleshooting, and then turn on the power. Please note, once again open to the need to ensure power supply before the red LED is completely extinguished, otherwise DPA200SEP will remain in the protection of state, will not work properly.

Auxiliary 12V power supply to open 2 seconds after the green LED light, the output relay is closed, eliminating the sound of speakers impact. When the output DC drift of more than 1V, the green LED is off, the output relay is switched off. DC drift is reduced to 0.7V below, the green LED automatically brighten, the relay closes again.

Thermal design

Although DPA200SEP aluminum radiator, but in some cases still need forced air cooling, ventilation measures according to the rational design of the chassis structure. The module provides 12V fan power connector-FAN +, respectively, then the anode and cathode of the fan.

DPA200SEP-KF additional radiator to expansion of the cooling capacity.

On the measurement of
Analog amplifier test methods and equipment are not suitable for the measurement of the digital power amplifier, digital amplifier measurements can refer to describe the instructions for use with the Audio Precision AUX-0025 filter adapter, AES17-1998 digital audio equipment testing.

Relevant reference
More details refer to the digital amplifier module of the Company DPA200SE switching power supply SMPS500N product description.

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