SD1.1-A tweeter Motor de Agudos

SD1.1-A tweeter Specifications top
Nominal impedance: 5Ω
Resonant Frequency: 1200Hz
Rated Power: 15W
Maximum power: 30W
Sensitivity (2.83v/1m): 91dB
Weight: 1.0kg
Voice coil diameter: 25mm
DC Resistance: 4.6Ω
Voice Coil Wire: Copper Clad Aluminum high temperature
Voice coil frame: Aluminum heat
Magnetic circuit type: shielded magnetic magnetic
Magnet material: ferrite High performance
Recommended Crossover:> 2000Hz

SD1.1-A for the Swans acclaimed SD1.1 new. Swans Home Theater Series is one unit. Germany’stop natural fiber using original spherical diaphragm vibration components, designed by the American engineers Swans, Swans in maintaining the original resonant frequency band energy SD1.1 suppression technology based on the substantial increase in the capacity of extended power tweeter unit high bandwidth, linear sound pressure to increase unit output range, which greatly improved the unit distortion in the high-power input, when the sound pressure output up to 96dB, total harmonic distortion at 2.5kHz above all less than 1%. Finite element simulation of high-strength die-cast aluminum panels, the appearance is very beautiful, low-distortion symmetrical magnetic circuit design, quality clean, round, maintaining the original flavor of the D series.

Especially for one-third of the treble frequency system.
Recommended crossover frequency> 2kHz crossover with 12dB ~ 24dB/oct.

Design: Swans Speaker systems, Inc. (USA)
Designer: Frank Hale

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