Q1R top Tweeter Specifications
Nominal impedance: 6Ω
Resonant Frequency: 1000Hz
Rated Power: 15W
Maximum power: 30W
Sensitivity (2.83v/1m): 89dB
Weight: 0.8kg
Voice coil diameter: 28mm
DC Resistance: 5.3Ω
Voice Coil Wire: Copper Clad Aluminum high temperature
Voice coil frame: Aluminum heat
Magnetic circuit type: shielded magnetic magnetic
Magnet material: ferrite High performance
Recommended Crossover:> 2500Hz

Treble is a system of soul, her tone, transient, texture, dynamic compression, distortion, among other factors often play a decisive role.
Based on the above factors, the course has introduced a reference-level unit – Q1, I believe her sweet and mellow tone, texture transcend worldliness and attain holiness, unmatched transient in the minds of many people left an indelible memory.

Technology continues to progress, the increasing pursuit of this classic prompted us to optimize the performance of all aspects of the speaker, in 2003 launched a Q1R!
– That classic is still the 28mm soft dome German sound film, the difference is the proportion of material formulations and surface improvement of the damping layer, mellow sound more natural, transient, texture, resolution is to reach another level of state .
– Finite element simulation and optimization symmetrical shielded magnetic magnetic, power surge and more uniform; with the distortion of the magnetic structure of the low harmonic distortion can be effectively reduced; magnetic design that is compatible with a wider scope.
– For lower distortion and better prevent dynamic compression, using a modified cavity design, the use of two cavities, middle catheter connected, in two different cavity using different materials, different shapes of acoustic impedance material.
-Ferrosound magnetic fluid cooling, together with the CCAW coil, reducing the moving mass, increase power to bear, transient better.

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