Difusor Acustico Bidimensional QRD

Multi Fusor DC es un panel
difusor bidimensional que normalmente se utiliza en paredes o
techos, produciendo multi-reflexiones en los planos vertical y
horizontal en espacios sonoros críticos. Actúa en las altas
frecuencias propiciando un sonido más nítido. Construidos en
poliestireno expandido de alta calidad, los paneles Multi Fusor DC,
además de tener un excelente rendimiento a la hora de resolver
problemas como la falta de inteligibilidad o la poca definición
musical, llaman la atención por su diseño atractivo y adaptable a
cualquier tipo de espacio.


  • Diseño atrayente
  • Difusor altamente eficaz:
    raíces primitivas 2D + caras superiores en ángulo
  • Fácil de instalar
  • Se puede pintar con
    pinturas acuosas
  • 8 unidades por caja

Información Técnica

  • Material – Poliestireno
    Expandido (EPS)
  • Dimensiones – 60 x 60 x
    15 cm
  • Norma Anti-fuego – M1
  • Aplicaciones: Salas de
    audición, Home theaters, salas de conferencia y teleconferencia,
    espacios públicos, auditorios, etc


Studiobricks es un nuevo concepto de cabina acústica con piezas manejables y un sistema patentado de juntas. Con esta tecnología logramos un ajuste perfecto sin holguras. El tiempo de montaje de una cabina Studiobricks es corto y no hay que aplicar Silicona, tornillos o materiales para tapar ranuras etc. Una sola persona puede montar en una hora una cabina Studiobricks.
La alta calidad de sus materiales la convierte en una inversión que nunca pierde de valor y se puede trasladar o trasformar/aumentar con bricks de 30cm x 60cm / 60cm x 60 cm / 120 cm x 60 cm.
STUDIOBRICKS es un concepto totalmente estandarizado y las cabinas acústicas tienen un exacto plan de montaje. Todos los componentes están numerados y cada cabina se monta y testea antes de embalar y mandarla al cliente para asegurar un funcionamiento perfecto.

Software acústica y electroacústica

ACOUSTIC vs  ACÚSTICA —ElectroAcústica Vs Electroacoustics

Acoustic-X™ is software developed to assist in the optimization process of small-room acoustics. Its goal is to provide users with information that will allow them to make correct and intelligent choices to improve the sound quality of their space. In order to achieve this goal, Acoustic-X™ uses several software modules, each dedicated to individual acoustic calculation tasks. Reviews accissible via this site.
http://www.pilchner-schoustal.com/old/a … ftware.htm

Reflex Software: http://www.mjm.qc.ca/en/reflex.html

CARA SOFT: http://www.acousticsoftwarereviews.com

AURORA – Software auralisation on PC
Aurora is a suite of plugins for CoolEdit: the room acoustic impulse response can be measured and manipulated, for the recreation of audible, three-dimensional simulations of the space.

Acoustic Software Resources 1
An extensive collection of liks to acoustics and audio software.

Acoustic Software Resources 2
Some Audio, Acoustics, Circuit Board design and other links

Acoustic Software Resources 3
Several additional links to all branches of Acoustic Software. However most can be found via Acoustic Software Resources 1.
http://www.scientific-computing.co.uk/a … ftware.htm

Audio Toolbox Plus – TerraSonde
This is a hybrid of equipment and software. This equipment and software has won some Awards

AudioTester (Shareware Eur 33.45, USD 28)
audiotestsystem: spectrumanalyzer,wavegenerator and oscilloscope with a soundcard.

BEASY Acoustic Design
Professional software: Noise control and reduction, Architectural Acoustics, Environmental Acoustics, Sound propagation through sound absorbing materials, and much more.

CARA 2.1 PLUS ($49.95 US Dollars )
The Windows software for audio and home theater enthusiasts! CARA calculates the acoustics of your room with 3D modeling of your sound room, loudspeakers, and listener locations. A test CD is also available at $19.95 or as total package at $64.95
http://www.rhintek.com/ e

This is professional room-acoustic software. Also has FIReverb suite. Expensive
http://www.catt.se/ e

CLARA (ca 350 Euros)
Saint-Gobain Acoustic Comfort Software (Saint-Gobain Isover/Saint-Gobain Glass). Select and evaluate acoustically different construction systems which meet the requirements of European comfort classes.
http://www.isover.com/gb/frameset.asp?b … rubrique=5

CLIO electrical and Acoustical tests
PC-based system for electrical and Acoustical measurements. CLIOwin implements three different measurement techniques: MLS (Maximum Length Sequences), Sinusoidal Sweeps and FFT Averaging.

COMET Acoustics Software (Professional = expensive)
Collins & Aikman Launches COMET 5.0 Acoustic Software. COMET is a computational simulation tool for comprehensive vibration and acoustic prediction for the automotive, aerospace and other high tech industries. COMET utilizes various analytical techniques to accurately predict the transmission, radiation and scattering of acoustic waves and their interaction in a variety of media including fluids, foams, and solids.

EASE v3.0 for Windows
EASE v3.0 is an acoustic simulation software program designed for the Windows operating system that provides sound system designers an invaluable tool for predicting the performance of a sound system in a given venue. The software program is primarily geared toward large-room acoustics (churches, stadiums, arenas, theaters, etc.) and includes numerous acoustical design and analysis tools for Contractors, Engineers and Acoustical Consultants.

ETF 5 (MLS software) – Acoustisoft (ca 150$)
ETF software is a highly accurate PC based acoustic measurement system designed to meet the needs of both hi fi enthusiasts and professionals. Two channel MLS measurements provide accurate results with even low cost standard pc sound cards.

Fluidyn acoustic software
Professional software for environmental and room acoustics.

HpW-Works the Measurement System (69 – 300$)
HpW Works is a complete software based measurement system for the Intel HW platform. Analyzes a DUT using a sound card, wave files and text (ASCII) files. Various signal analysis are performed like RMS, DR, THD, THD-N and more. Check the customer list.

INSUL Marshall Day acoustics
INSUL is a quick and accurate tool for predicting the sound insulation of walls, floors and ceilings. Price ca 1000 $

MLSSA Acoustical Measurement System
MLSSA is the industry standard loudspeaker measurement system and the MLSSA Speaker Parameter Option (SPO) is the industry standard for measuring the Thiele-Small parameters of loudspeaker drivers. MLSSA and SPO both include QC (Quality Control) PASS/FAIL functions for high-speed automated production line testing of loudspeakers and drivers. Other important applications of MLSSA include speech intelligibility measurements according to IEC 60268-16 via the Speech Transmission Index (STI) and Rapid Speech Transmission Index (RASTI) as well as room acoustics measurements according to ISO 3382. For details, see the MLSSA Acoustical Measurement System and MLSSA Speaker Parameter Option brochures on the site..

NEMPEE Acoustics Software

a tool for acoustics engineers and architects to assist in providing maximum acoustical performance in building design. For example, an auditorium requires a specific design in order to reflect sound. This program can set up everything precisely and generate reports on the acoustics of a room. It considers surface area, building materials, and volume.

Nicolet technologies
Some professional, presentation and analysis software, also have hardware.

ODEON – Room Acoustics Software
Professional program (expensive). This site includes lots of interesting publications in .pdf format. August 2001 an agreement has been made with Brüel & Kjær to become worldwide sole distributor of ODEON.

PC Audio/Visual Technical Web Site. VERY GOOD LINKS
Audio Testing-Related Hardware and Software Links. It lists the most common acoustic programs, known in the Audio, Studio world. Also includes tests on sound cards.

Ramsete in 3 editions (Lite, Classic & II)
Room acoustic modeling – Ramsete is the first publicly available software based on the Pyramid Tracing computing scheme, which is quite different from traditional Ray Tracing or Cone Tracing schemes.

SEAM acoustic and vibration prediction software
Cambridge Collaborative’s SEAM software provides a methodof analysis that is particularly well suited for studying the dynamic response of complex structures at high frequencies. SEAM is used to predict interior noise and vibrationin aircraft, automobiles, and construction equipment cabs as well as the radiated noisefrom ships and the vibroacoustic environments for spacecraft. Other applications includemachinery noise, industrial noise, and building acoustics.

SIA Software – Smaart Live & Acoustic Tools
SmaartLive provides a practical and affordable PC-based implementation of a dual-channel FFT analyzer designed specifically for audio professionals. Acoustic Tools include lots of possibilities.

SOPRAN (SOund particle Programme for Room Acoustics and Noise immission)
developed at the Fraunhofer Institute of Building physics IBP, allows the room acoustic design of auditoria (concert halls, theatres, multipurpose halls) and workplaces (factory buildings, open-plan offices).

STx – Austrian Academy of Sciences

There is a FREE Real Time Analyser and a Trial version of STx itself. STx is the Windows version of the well-established S_TOOLS workstation for acoustics, speech and signal processing, which was first developed under DOS using the AT&T DSP32 signal processor card. STx now runs on 600 MHz PC systems equipped with Accelerated Graphics Port (AGP) cards and standard sound cards.

Sample Champion – PureBits (ca 100 – 500 Euro)
Professional Software Tools Audio Analysis and Processing. Sample Champion is an accurate and easy to use audio measurement software. It has been designed for acoustical technicians, sound engineers, scientists and students. With this software you’ll be able to easily perform Impulse response measurements, FFT analysis and much more.

Speaker Workshop FREEWARE
Speaker Workshop – test and design your own loudspeakers

Spectra Series software – MLS software – ST SPECTRA Sound Technology
SpectraLab, SpectraPro, SpectraPlus, etc. Several programs available in in different price ranges. The side also includes acoustic Test and Measurement PC based hardware and equipment.

Spectrafoo for MAC computers – Metric Halo Labs
SpectraFoo provides standards-based level metering, high-speed, high-resolution spectral analysis, the unique Phase Torch, correlation metering, triggerable waveform display, power balancing and a variety of power, envelope and spectral histories and phase analysis on any number of input or output channels. The SpectraFoo range is absolutely essential for broadcast and critical mixing & mastering.

Spectrogram v 5.0.8
FREEWARE: Spectrogram can provide either a scrolling time-frequency display or a spectrum analyzer scope display in real time for any sound source connected to your sound card. Spectrogram allows unlimited recording and playback of the sounds from the audio spectrum display and can provide very high resolution spectrum analysis of wave files with a wide choice of frequency bands and frequency resolution and either linear or logarithmic frequency scales.

Spectrum Analyzer v2.0 BETA FREEWARE
This small program is intended to measure the frequency response of a listening room with the aid of a regular computer. It records short sound sequences, performs a FFT then displays a cute diagram. The site also includes: Implementing Reverberation Algorithms with Matlab. These files are dedicated to the generation of artificial sound reverberation.

Steve Ekblad’s Free Audio Software Page + On-Line Audio Tools
A huge list of interesting things. Thanks to several manufacturers for providing a valuable resource for the hobbyist by providing these programs for a no-cost-trial [read shareware or demo] to the end user or in some cases totally free of registration fee requirements [freeware]!

The PC AV Tech Brings You:
Here is a web site built using CoolEdit and SpectraLab to perform technical tests published on the site.:

ULYSSES Acoustic Design and Simulation Software – ca 1000$
ULYSSES© was developed with the intention to be a very fast, precise and really easy to use acoustic calculation, simulation and sound system design tool for our own consulting business. It features true 3-D CAD-based calculation, simulation and design routines for room acoustics and sound system design.

Visual Ears – KB Acoustics (ca 95 $)
Visual Ears, is an easy to use computer program that, through mathematical simulation, will help you find a “listening sweet spot” which minimizes the effects of standing waves (20-200Hz) and boundary reflections (20-500Hz). Visual Ears can handle rooms with sloped/cathedral ceilings and accomodates most speaker designs including sub/satellite systems. Read also the linked pages to the very positive test reports in Soundstage en Audiophilia magazine

WinMLS – software for acoustics, vibrational & audio measurements
When visiting the site, you’ll see no typical commercial site, but this is professional software. Is available in cheap lite until professional expensive versions. Look at the Links page for references. Note from Eric: MLS measurement methods can have extreme advantages for insulation measurements by excluding background noise (equaling extended dynamic range).

Dirac  Catt  Ulysess Arta

Harman Kardon HK 3490 2 x 120W Stereo Receiver

  • Affordable stereo receiver with Remote A/B switching
  • Compatible with the Bridge II docking station for iPod playback, control, and charging
  • Dolby Headphone and Dolby Virtual Speaker surround modes
  • Dual subwoofer output, with trigger for direct connection to powered subwoofers
  • XM Tuner Ready

Product Description
The HK 3490 is a high current stereo receiver that will give you the best possible audio performance. You can use the optional “Bridge II” to control and navigate your Ipod™. The power rating is 120 watts times two at 8 ohms and 150 watts times 2 at 4 ohms. It has 45 amps of current. It is also XM Ready. It has speaker A/B switching…. More >>

Harman Kardon HK 3490 2 x 120W Stereo Receiver

Harman Kardon Go + Play Portable Loudspeaker Dock for iPod, USB Charging

  • Compatible with all docking iPod models
  • Included RF remote with full iPod navigation
  • AC- or battery-powered (eight D batteries
  • Digital amplification (bi-amp¿d) and DSP (digital sound processing)
  • Evercharge topology charges iPod even when unit is switched off

Product Description
Product Description For more than 50 years, Harman Kardon products have delivered–through extraordinary industrial design, innovative technologies, and meticulous engineering–the ultimate listening experience. And for the past 10 years, Harman Kardon has used these techniques to develop some of the world’s best-sounding and most-striking-looking multimedia products available. Whether for your computer or your iPod, Harman Kardon multimedia products deliver rich, … More >>

Harman Kardon Go + Play Portable Loudspeaker Dock for iPod, USB Charging

Vibrant Technologies

Vibrant Technologies

June 2001—Soundproofing panels from Vibrant Technologies (www.vibrantech.com) include the DF-24 Diffuser Panel ($79 per panel) and Wave Forms Acoustic Panel ($99 covered, $69 uncovered). The DF-24, which can be dropped into any standard 2×2-foot ceiling grid, is a molded plastic panel designed to diffuse or disperse acoustic energy. Weighing just three pounds each, Wave Forms panels are molded over a lightweight thermoplastic panel and help provide damping of higher frequencies and diffusion of middle and lower frequencies. Multiple facets and angles redirect and redistribute sound waves to help eliminate hot spots and dead spots, while they maintain as live a sound as possible. Wave Forms are available in convex and concave versions in 48 colors of fabric; panels are also available without fabric covering for use as diffusers.



October 2007—The RealTraps (www.realtraps.com) Ceiling Tiles line includes eight models of ceiling tiles ($49.99 to $99.99) offered as an affordable, attractive alternative to hanging bass traps and RFZ panels from a grid ceiling. Normal home/office-style ceiling tiles are too reflective at mids and highs, and too thin to offer a useful bass trapping. RealTraps Ceiling Tiles solve the dilemma of treating first-reflection points and adding additional bass trapping to grid-based dropped ceilings. The tiles are available in 2×2- and 2×4-foot sizes, in thicknesses of 1.5 inches (for control of MF/HF reflections) or 3 inches for bass trapping. AES Booth #949.

April 2007—This “vocal booth in a box” from RealTraps ($299.99) creates a controlled environment for recording voice in acoustically nasty spaces. A hinged pair of 2×2-foot absorbing panels is fully adjustable in a V shape and mounts directly to a boom mic stand, or can be placed directly on a table or other flat surface. In addition to handling vocal duties, the “booth” is big enough to act as a small gobo to isolate a guitar amp, kick drum or other small instrument while tracking.

October 2005—MondoTraps broadband acoustic panels feature very high absorption down to the lowest frequencies. Only slightly larger than MiniTraps, MondoTraps are effective to below 40 Hz. MondoTraps can be installed permanently or mounted on optional stands ($80). This is our most powerful bass trap and will greatly improve your ability to record and mix accurately in any room. For product details, tutorials and videos about room acoustics, please see our Website. Price: $299 each.

July 2005—SoffitTraps are designed to mount high up in the ceiling corners and look like a built-in soffit. They can be painted using standard Latex paint to match the walls and ceiling, and employ a damped membrane fo high performance down to the lowest bass frequencies. SoffitTraps are 12.5×16.25 inches and four feet long and weigh eight pounds; custom lengths are available at no additional charge. SoffitTraps can also be installed vertically in wall-wall corners or hidden under a small table top (not supplied) to serve as plant holders or as stands for loudspeakers up to 50 pounds. SoffitTraps are available direct from manufacturer for $50 per linear foot or less; details are available at .

October 2003—RealTraps’ MicroTraps acoustic panels are 2×4 feet and only 1-inch thick, and are built with a dual-layer membrane to enhance their low-frequency absorption. Like the company’s original MiniTraps, MicroTraps are made with rigid Fiberglas and metal so they have a Class-A fire rating and can be installed in public venues. According to RealTraps co-owner Ethan Winer, “The main problems in most studios and listening rooms are acoustic interference that skews the low-frequency response and excessive ambience that obscures musical detail and causes listener fatigue. Many engineers and audiophiles cover their walls with foam, which just makes the room too dead at high frequencies while doing nothing for the low end. MicroTraps are much more absorbent than foam panels at all frequencies, so they do a superior job overall and with fewer pieces.”

RPG Acoustics


October 2006—RPG’s new AcousticTool™ packages offer the project studio owner an affordable, aesthetic, fabric-finish, Class-A fire-rated, high-performance pre-engineered room treatment solution. The AcousticTool packages usher in a new era of versatility with the RPG Room Scaling Matrix™, allowing users to quickly and easily configure their package to virtually any size room. www.rpginc.com

October 2006—RPG’s new Studio In a Box™ packages offer the project studio owner a very affordable, expandable, aesthetic, Class-A or -B fire-rated, high-performance pre-engineered room treatment solution. The Studio In a Box packages usher in a new era of versatility with the RPG Room Scaling Matrix.

October 2005—Control rooms often exhibit poor low-frequency response with significant emphasis at modal resonances. Porous surface absorption is ineffective because the air motion it requires is essentially zero when near room boundaries. The Modex Broadband was developed to offer broadband absorption effective from 50 to 5k Hz in a thickness of only four inches. Every now and then, a new technology comes along that changes everything. Now you can absorb more bass in less space! Price: $999 USD.

October 2003—The classic 2-D QRD® diffusor that has been so popular in the pro studio and broadcast markets is now available in a lightweight, easy-to-install version for project studios and other home environments. Suitable for surface-mount wall and ceiling applications, as well as lay-in standard 15/16-inch T-bar ceiling grid. The industry’s most efficient and scientifically validated diffusor is now more affordable than ever! Finishes: white and “granite” gray. Size: 23x23x41⁄4 inches (TxWxD). (Extends 31⁄4 inches below T-bar for lay-in ceiling installations.) MSRP: $199.98/box of two (white).

June 2002—The Studio-in-a-Box Silver Package ($549.99) is the first in a series of project studio turnkey solutions from RPG Diffusor Systems. Including 46 individual pieces, Silver Package uses the company’s ProFoam Panels to control comb filtering arising from strong reflections in a small room, ProFoam Tiles mounted in a 1×1-foot checkerboard pattern to provide a variable-impedance surface and four ProCorners to increase low-frequency absorption down to 125 Hz while seamlessly integrating with the kit’s ProFoam Panels. Studio-in-a-Box Silver Package components come in white, white-fleck and gray-fleck Class-A Melaflex, and charcoal gray, blue and purple Class-B/C Polyflex material. One kit can acoustically treat a project studio room up to 14x10x8 feet high.

June 2001—Another great Website for learning about the fundamentals of acoustic soundproofing is offered by the folks at RPG Diffusor Systems. An extensive thumbnail gallery indexes a variety of architectural, home theater and project studio products, each with a close-up JPEG, extensive absorption and diffusion coefficient graphs and downloadable installation PDFs. RPG’s Skylines diffuser panel ($284 for box of two) is an art-worthy, 2-D “primitive root diffusor.” The Modex Corner ($564 for box of two) is a stackable corner-mounting, pressure-zone membrane absorber that stands 25 inches high and extends 17 inches out from a corner along the mounting walls. The unit can also be used freestanding to deal with excess low frequencies.

October 2000—The first Windows program that automatically determines the best length, width and height for a room, given a range for possible lengths, widths and heights. Just enter the dimension ranges, and the optimum dimensions are determined. You can have the flexibility of choosing solutions for rooms that will use electronic equalization, or will not use electronic equalization.

October 2000—CATT acoustics is the industry’s leading acoustical predication and auralization software. Room acoustics prediction is the process in which using geometrical acoustics, octave-band echograms are predicted based on a 3-D CAD model of a room. Frequency-dependent material properties (absorption, diffusion) are assigned to room surfaces and frequency-dependent source directives are assigned to sound sources. Auralization is the process in which predicted octave-band echograms are converted to binaural impulse responses that can be convolved with anechoically recorded speech or music giving an impression of how the music or speech would sound if replayed in the modeled hall.

Intelligent Acoustics

Intelligent Acoustics

October 2005—Founded by a team of industry veterans, Intelligent Acoustics www.iacoustics.com offers an affordable single-source solution for customers seeking help with design and acoustical treatment of interior spaces. In addition to marketing products from Illbruck, Kinetics and RPG, the company is launching an innovative range of acoustical doors (some with exotic woods), gobos (moveable floor-standing baffles), clouds and variable acoustical panels for studios and other acoustically critical environments.



June 2002—New from Illbruck Inc. (www.illbruck-sonex.com), SONEX® Corner Traps provide up to 12 sabins of sound absorption below 500 Hz. Measuring 24 inches high by 12 inches deep, the triangular-shaped, gray, polyurethane foam Corner Traps absorb unwanted low-frequency sound waves in recording studios and other critical listening environments. Providing adequate sound control when stacked two high in each corner, Corner Traps may also be stacked from floor to ceiling for optimal sound control.

June 2001—Many acoustical materials dealers sell Sonex-based products, and now all but Sonex One are available online directly from the manufacturer, Illbruck. Sonex One is the company’s most popular product and is suitable for a wide range of uses and environments. Its sculpted surface of open-cell willtec foam is available in natural willtec and painted willtec, and is available in a Hypalon-coated version that can be wiped clean and is protected against dust and dirt. Sonex Classic ($213 for a 2-inch-thick, 24×28-inch roll covering 64 square feet) is a polyurethane foam version of Sonex One in a modified anechoic wedge design, and the Sonex Valueline ($169 for a 64 square foot, 11⁄2-inch-thick roll) is a Class-1 fire-rated, absorptive foam available in painted charcoal, beige, brown, blue and light gray.