DPA1000MP-FU 1000W digital amplifier + switching power supplycombo module (amplifier board) 

DPA1000MP is a digital amplifier the DPA1000M andswitching power supply SMPS1000J combination ofmodules. Dual feedback loop to making DPA1000MPfull-power bandwidth with excellent distortion characteristics and frequency response, high damping, but also has the perfect protection function. Its structure, function to meet the miniaturization and embedded applications, allows the user a simple, fast, easy tomachine design, and quickly put on.

  ■ soft-start
■ Over current / short circuit protection
■ Switching power supply
■ global feedback
Performance index:
■ Power supply voltage: 170VAC-260VAC
■ Output power: 1000W @ 8Ω
■ Output voltage: 90V
■ THD + N: 0.02%
■ SNR:> 100dB
■ Frequency Response: 20Hz ~ 20kHz
■ Efficiency: 90%

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