EAW KF760 Line Array Series

EAW-kf760 Line Array Series
EAW-kf760 Line Array Series

The KF760 is part of the KF760 Line Array Series. The KF760 Series uses advanced divergence shading where all loudspeakers are powered at equal level. A full KF760/KF761 array can provide uniform sound coverage from directly beneath itself out to hundreds of feet without complex signal processing.
Vertical coverage for the array is set by varying the splay of the rear of the enclosures, leaving the fronts tightpacked. This configuration produces a continuous, coherent wavefront from the array, projecting extended range, highresolution sound over its full coverage area. Quality construction features include, Baltic birch plywood enclosures, heavy-duty steel grilles, Neutrik NL8 connectors, heavy duty bar handles, rear hand-holds, and accessory caster pallets.

EAW-kf760 Line Array Series
EAW-kf760 Line Array Series

This high output touring system is scalable from theaters under 1,000 seats to stadiums. The KF760 is used as the short to long throw element of a KF760 Series line array providing coverage in the range of 70 to 400 feet. The KF761 supplements the KF760s to provide near-field coverage for distances less than 70 feet. The recommended minimum KF760/KF761 array size is four enclosures. For full performance eight enclosures
are recommended. To extend the low frequency response, KF940 SuperSubs™ make an ideal complement to
the KF760 Series.

Power Handling (Watts Continuous)
LF 2000
MF 800
HF 300
Recommended High-Pass Frequency
24dB/Octave 40 Hz
Calculated Maximum Output (dB SPL @ 1m) Single Enclosure
LF Peak/Long Term 135/129
MF Peak/Long Term 142/136
HF Peak/Long Term 144/138
Calculated Maximum Output (dB SPL @ 1m) Eight (8) Enclosure Array
LF Peak/Long Term 154/148
MF Peak/Long Term 169/163
HF Peak/Long Term 156/150
Nominal Coverage Angle -6 dB points (degrees)
Horizontal 80
Maximum Vertical Splay 3


The tri-amplified, three-way full range loudspeaker system


shall incorporate 2x 12-in LF transducers, 2x 10-in hornloaded cone transducers with Radial Phase Plug™ and 2x 2-in exit/3-in voice coil compression drivers also horn-loaded. The LF transducers shall each be loaded into a proprietary bent-horn, with the horn mouths horizontally separated to provide controlled off-axis cancellations to match the MF beamwidth through the crossover region. The MF transducers
shall both be coupled into a single large format horn. The HF transducers shall each be coupled to an HF horn coaxially mounted with, and extended by, the MF horn. The system shall have a nominal dispersion pattern of 80° (h) when usedas part of a KF760 line array.

System frequency response shall vary no more than ±3 dB from


80Hz to 16kHz measured on axis. The single loudspeaker’s subsystems (LF/MF/HF) shall produce Sound Pressure Level (SPL) of 96/108/113 dB SPL on axis at 1 meter with a power input of 1 Watt, and shall be capable of producing a peak output of 135/142/144 dB SPL on axis at 1 meter. The eight (8) enclosure array loudspeaker subsystems (LF/MF/HF) shall produce SPL of 106/125/117 dB SPl on axis at 1 meter with a
power of 1 Watt, and shall be capable of a peak output of 154/169/156 dB SPL on axis at 1 meter. The subsystems LF/MF/HF) shall handle 2000/800/300 Watts of amplifier power (continuous) and shall have nominal impedances of 2x 8/8/8 Ohms. The loudspeaker enclosure shall be trapezoidal in shape. It shall be constructed of void-free cross-grain-laminated Baltic birch plywood, and shall employ extensive internal bracing. It shall be finished in wear-resistant textured black paint. Input connector shall be a Neutrik NL8 with an additional NL8 provided for connect through. Proprietary rigging is provided for arraying. The front of the loudspeaker shall be covered with a powder coated perforated steel grille. The tri-amplified, three-way full range loudspeaker system shall be the EAW model KF760.

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